Monofilament around birds legWith 72 miles of beaches, keeping Brevard’s coastline beautiful is a daunting task…but we’re up to it!

One opportunity to work together for great effect are organized Florida Coastal Cleanups.

When this occurs, it is a magical weekend, with volunteers by the dozens showing up at many individual check-in sites from North Brevard to South Brevard and including boats/boaters for reaching island sites.

Listen to this from Ocean Conservancy:
What we see in the water is just the tip of the iceberg; more lies beneath the surface.

Watch for the next Florida Coastal Cleanup and be part of this big team!

Volunteer for this Date: September 20, 2014

“People know that trash in the water:

  • compromises the health of humans, wildlife and the livelihoods that depend on a healthy ocean;
  • threatens tourism and recreation, and the critical dollars that adds to our local economies;
  • complicates shipping and transportation by causing navigation hazards;
  • generates steep bills for retrieval and removal.”

SOURCE: Ocean Conservancy

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