Man with chain saw removes Brazilian Pepper

Port Canaveral removes Brazilian Peppers

Brazilian Pepper removal encourages natural recruitment of native shoreline vegetation, such as mangrove and other upland vegetation.

The Pepper removal is part of a shoreline restoration initiative for the Indian River Lagoon on Canaveral Port Authority property along the north and south side of State Road 528.

This invasive species was treated with aquatic approved herbicides. The Pepper removal was funded by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Invasive Plant Management Section and completed on May 31, 2014.

The Canaveral Port Authority Commission also approved a pilot program with Marine Resource Council for restoration activities along a portion of this shoreline. Although final plans are not yet developed, it is anticipated that the project will include placement of oyster bags/mats, constructed by volunteers with oyster shells donated by the Brevard Zoo, as well as planting of native vegetation, including grasses, flowering natives, and mangroves.

Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB) has been instrumental in the control of Brazilian Peppers on Canaveral Port Authority property and has successfully removed and maintained Brazilian peppers since 2007. These areas include most of the CPA shoreline property along the Banana River, as well as a significant area at Jetty Park. Maintenance of these areas occurs 3 times per year.

Source: Port Canaveral Facebook page