Six Ways to Get Involved

Visit the Events page and you’ll find lots of fun ways to get involved.
Ethan S. picks up trash on Golfview Road, now known as

Ethan S. helps to Keep Brevard Beautiful in Port St. John – he has adopted a section of Golfview Road now known as “Ethan’s Mile”.

1.Volunteer for an event.  Get your hands in it. Find a Trash Bash or a group that has adopted an area near you.

2. Get Educated . Can you tell people about our native plants? Are you a butterfly gardener? Are you an expert on estuaries and our lagoon? Then volunteer. We need you.

3. Be a student for a day or a week or forever. You can become a better Floridian or just a better custodian of your own little piece of Brevard. Classes and information abounds at the Brevard County level. Start here or here.

4. Become a Sponsor and Partner of Keep Brevard Beautiful. See our programs. Look around our website. It’s a big job. One organization, one business, one city, one school, one individual can’t do it alone, but together we have the power to make a difference in Brevard and in our world.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Read these tips; maybe one of them is perfect for today.

6. Donate now. We can use your help.