A little incentive can help

By creating programs where matching funds are available for organizations, KBB hopes to encourage the natural desire in all of us to help make the world a better place.

Beautification of our area is enhanced through programs like the Florida Friendly Landscape Grants, a matching grants program (up to $2,000) for nonprofit organizations to promote environmentally friendly landscaping projects on public or public use land.

Another program is Memorial/Honorary Tree Planting, a program that provides the opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to plant a tree in a county park in memory of a loved one or to honor an outstanding achievement by an individual or group.

And the “We Noticed” Program is a monthly recognition program for businesses and/or residences who have shown exceptional maintenance or beautification of their property. Recipients of this award receive a “We Noticed” certificate or a “We Noticed” certificate and sign to temporarily display on their property. A press release, submitted to local media announcing winners, serves to building community pride by encouraging others to participate.