Marine debris is a big challenge, and can be a very serious environmental problem.

Animals sometimes confuse debris with food, resulting in entanglement, malnutrition or strangulation.

Even the smallest bits of trash can be harmful to our animals. Tiny bits of plastic, cigarette butts and filters, are often eaten by shore and marine life. If we eat seafood, we too may ingest the contaminants from some of the litter.

As an individual, you can have a positive impact.
Educate and inform about:

  • the need to pick up litter
  • the impact of littering near waterways
  • the wildlife and human concerns associated with plastics, fishing line, cigarette waste and other trash.


Get the EPAs marine debris prevention toolkit.

A program we are currently developing to educate students about Marine Debris. More information to be added shortly. If you are interested in a Marine Debris Education program, please email Vicky at