Plastic Bags on the Beach?

It is important for all of us to realize the danger to our marine animals when we are careless with how we use and dispose of plastic bags and other trash on the beach. Are we quite certain that the shopping bag or food bag can’t fly away from the receptacle where we just tossed it? Did we ‘let one get away’ on a breezy day?

In some communities, government has considered enacting new laws or overturning existing laws, to put rules in place for if and where some kinds of plastic bags can you be used. It is important for all of us to keep our eye on this issue and understand the magnitude of the threat to our marine animals and our eco systems.
If you see a piece of plastic on the ground or a bag flying or a trash can too full to retain the trash thrown there, own the problem…make a difference at that moment. Your small action may make a big difference to another living creature.
Take a look at this animated video that illustrates the devastating impact that marine litter has on a variety of species.

Sea turtle with plastic bag attached to him
Plastic Bags on the Beach?