Lagoon Friendly Lawns Certified Lawn Care Contractors

The following certified lawn care contractors have met all our strictest nutrient pollution reduction criteria, including best practices related to fertilization, pesticides, runoff, and the handling of lawn clippings. They have also agreed to tracking and education requirements. We are proud to recommend them to all homeowners looking to achieve Lagoon Friendly Lawns certification. Each of these contractors can work with you to guarantee that you will achieve certification at the Member Level or beyond. Check their listings and websites below for more details.

Beach Lawn Services offers standard or full-service lawn care for your lagoon-friendly yard from Cocoa Beach to Melbourne Beach.

Greenwing Lawn & Pest Services offers a wide variety of custom lawn care services to meet your lagoon friendly needs from Palm Bay to Titusville

Family-run Tropic Greenery has specialized in custom landscape design, installation, and maintenance in the greater Melbourne area since 1981.

Go Native Landscaping specializes in designing and maintaining beautiful, sustainable landscapes that are lagoon-friendly.

Mowgirl has been beautifying the Space Coast for over twenty years, one yard at a time!  Contact Lisa Larsen at 321-784-0072